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Okay, everybody! I let the poll run through the new year (once it became clear that the start of January wasn't going to win the start date so I didn't need to start up sooner), and we got a strong consensus for each option in the poll!

Media creator sign-ups/creation period will start on January 15th. Like with writer sign-ups in the big bang, you will be allowed to sign up all through the (one month) creation period, so you can wait until you're sure you'll be done in time before joining. Unlike the regular big bang, you'll actually need to send me either your piece or a link to it by the due date to have your work put up for writer claims (an author can't very well claim your work if they can't see it!)

Media creation sign-ups end on February 15th. On the 16th I will put up a post with all the media works posted for writer claims. Writers, claim a media piece that inspires you and write fic for it! The minimum word requirement is 2500 words. You can only claim one piece at a time, but if you finish your story with enough time left over you're free to pick another!

Writers get a month and a half to work before posting starts. Which gives us a nice neat fandom-related date to end on! Posting will occur between March 31st and April 13th.

What media types will be allowed?
Just like with the main big bang you can make anything you want, if you feel that you can make something that could inspire someone. Just keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your work will be claimed, and some people may be less likely to pick something in a more unusual media.
*Any visual work, as long as there's something about them that a writer can work from (even if it's just a costume that suggests a specific AU setting). You submission should be one image, and can be any size that you want but if it's bigger than 600x600px it will be shrunk down in the claiming post with a link to the bigger version. The final work should be clean; pencils inked, smudges cleared up, frosting smooth on any delicious cake art...
*FSTs with at least six songs and a clear theme binding the songs together; if you put it together with a specific character or pairing in mind let me know what it was and I'll put that up with it. You should also provide downloads of the songs (whether individually or in a .zip file) instead of just links to Youtube; someone might want to claim you who doesn't have internet access at home! (If Youtube is the only place you know where to find a certain song, you might find The Youtube Downloader useful)
*Composers, a song should be at least two minutes long an evoke a definite mood. Again, if you had a specific character or pairing in mind mention it and I'll put it up.

Does my complete media creation need to be in by Feb. 15th, or can I turn in a rough version for claiming?
It can still be rough, but should be at least 2/3rds finished. No stick figured with labels pointed at them saying who each will be when you're done! Writer's should be able to get a clear idea of what the completed work will be like from the rough version. But, again, keep in mind that there's no guarantee you'll be claimed and works that are complete might be more appealing to some people.

Can my piece feature explicit sex or violence?
Yes, but visually explicit art (as well as anything focusing a common trigger) will just be linked to with a description instead of being embedded in the claims post.

Do I need an AO3 account?
Preferably yes, or at least whoever you're working with will. Like always, I'll put up a post offering codes! I do understand that some people have serious issues with the AO3, and if you and whoever you work with both do please get in touch and I'd be willing to arrange a situation where you can post it elsewhere and just have a link put in the archive for you.

I'm a writer and I what I thought was a fluffy picture of two characters sleeping cuddled up together, then I emailed the artist and they said it was actually supposed to be them after they'd been poisoned to death! What do I do?
Or any other situation where the media creator's and the writer's view of a piece doesn't mesh
Although I'd hope you could work out something that would make you both happy, you only need to write whatever story the media work originally inspired you with. Unfortunately, this is part of the difference between a big bang and a reverse bang. If a big bang story doesn't match whatever the media creator was expecting from its summary there'll still almost certainly be some scene in the 10k+ word story that they can work with, but in a reverse bang what the writer sees when they claim a piece is what they get; if their view and the artist's don't match each others they can't just find another section that works better for them.
The one other thing to note is that if you claimed a song or FST that was marked as being based on a specific character or pairing you will be expected to give them some focus on your story, just like you'd be expected to write something featuring Gamzee if you claimed a painting of him riding a dinosaur; you knew the character focus going in!

Somebody made something featuring a pairing I really hate! Can I be an asshole at them?
The 'jerks get banned' rule remains in effect, as it does for every challenge I run.

I have a dial-up modem and if enough media creators join up that claims post might end up being huge. Can you do something about that?
I'll leave a list of links outside the cut-tag for anyone who might have trouble loading up a page full of images and embedded music (or possibly make a second post just for the links, if the list would be to long).

Livejournal's sucked so much lately. Do I have to follow this community?
Here's the community on Dreamwidth!

Any other questions?


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Feb. 22nd, 2012 04:01 am (UTC)
I was just curious as to what restrictions there might be on the media one might submit? Particularly if there is a particular quality standard. I'd love to submit but I'm hardly the best artist out there, and I don't want to disappoint anybody, so do you have any way of kind of helping us judge whether our submissions are up to par?
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